Furnace Fundraiser

You made the Winter Warmer!

Thank you sincerely.  You have reached the Goal!

On Nov 30th, we began this campaign to raise funds for a new furnace at the Villa Madonna. Almost immediately, your responses began pouring in.

On Dec 20th, we reached $20,000 exceeding our target fundraising! Thanks to you and your instant support, we can say “Thank You, Your Support has Reached the Goal!”

There are many other charities that need support this time of year, in this year of radical change and difficulty. We urge you to continue spreading your kindness and generosity to other charities. It is clear that your spirit of giving is strong, and now that we’ve reached our target, we say

Thank you very much and  Please continue to spread your support to other charitable organizations.

We received your generous gifts. We received many letters, messages and comments about what the Villa Madonna means to you. We received your support and your understanding of the ongoing needs to keep the house in good order. As we do our work in the house- washing dishes, preparing meals, house-keeping, working on our computers and fixing leaky faucets-  sometimes we forget about what the Villa Madonna provides to you, our guests.

Your letters and messages were very humbling, as we learn again what this house means to you on your journey. We are deeply moved and honoured by your support.

  • “Please accept this gift for the furnace fund or to be put to any other use you may have. And, thank you for being that place, where one’s spirit can go to be eased and renewed”
  • “Thank you for your wonderful service, we look forward to when we can join together again. Love the Villa!”
  • The Villa Madonna has been a special place for the CWL over the years!”
  • “Villa Madonna has been a spiritual home for me for decades. It and the staff are a wonderful center of peace, blessing and warm hospitality”
  • “I have been part of many retreats and conferences organized by the Diocese of Fredericton. It is with a grateful heart that I offer you this donation”
  • “My stay is always comfortable and the meals great!”
  • “For the needs of the Villa Madonna, from the estate of Msgr Joseph Woods”
  • “Thank you for reaching out for donations to pay for your unexpected expense. Covid has changed many things and one of the saddest is not being able to spend time with friends at the Villa. I have participated in so many retreats over the years, and each time, I come away feeling renewed and rejuvenated. The Villa Madonna Retreat House is a wonderfully sacred space for so many.”
  • “I love attending functions as well as facilitating at your center. Thank you for reaching out and allowing me to be of service.”
  • “I hear you need a new furnace. I enclose a cheque for $1000 to help out a bit.”
  • "The Villa has been I place where I go to work things through with God."
  • "I met my best friend at a retreat you hosted for CCSA and STU Campus Ministry in 2010 or 2011. She was the maid of honour at my wedding 4 years ago and we still talk regularly."
  • "When you enter through the door way you know and understand that you are in the presence of God. It is a place that allows each of us to commune with our Heavenly Father during times of retreat and discernment. This is a place that truly practices the ministry of hospitality!"
  • “Donation for furnace fund in memory of my parents, Jarvis & Lois McQuinn.”
  • “I appreciate the Villa’s mission- to be open to members of all faiths who are seeking. I feel a sense of inclusion and safety when I come to worship at the Villa. I find the presence of God here, in the chapel or outside walking the trails.  The Villa is a safe space, where God can reach me, and when I leave, I feel like I carry more of God’s presence, strength and stillness within me. Thank you for allowing me to show support to the house. Use my gift for whatever you need.”
  • "This is a wonderful retreat house, so peaceful and great place to be alone with God. Thank you for all you do to bring joy, peace and love to all who enter this beautiful building."
  • "Thank you for providing a warm, loving environment for people to come together in fellowship and comradeship to share, learn and grow emotionally and spiritually. "
  • "I have so enjoyed spending time at the Breast Cancer Retreats over the past 11 or 12 years. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we were unable to meet this year. I miss the survivors and the staff as well as the delicious meals. The Lord willing, we will be able to meet next fall!"
  • "Solidarity from Loyola House Retreat Centre in Guelph Ontario, in honour of Sarah Farquhar whose spirit warms our community in so many ways!"
  • "Until COVID 19, the Villa was like a second home as I facilitated or participated in Anglican groups and events as we gathered for retreats. Let's share the warmth of our generosity so that the Villa can share its warmth of hospitality again."
  • “This donation is given to thank Fr Doug MacNeill.”

We look forward to continue serving you in 2021.


We are thrilled to introduce you to our new furnace, built by NTI in Sussex New Brunswick, installed by Leroy’s Heating and Park Fuels. This is a photo of our new furnace, installed and in excellent working order, thanks to you.